​​​​Lambs of Faith Lutheran Preschool

in Vista, CA

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Living, Loving & Learning in the Light of God's Eternal Plan!

Take a look at our amazing staff!

We invite you to take a look at who your child will be spending their days with here at Lambs of Faith Lutheran Preschool in Vista.  All of our staff are chosen BOTH for their love of children, AND for their love of the Lord.  We believe that being rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ is what makes our teachers exceptional.

At Lambs of Faith, we love being a christian preschool in Vista.  we believe that through our program we are contributing to America's future. We strive to impact the development of your children by our activities in the classroom as well as the examples we set.  As we strive for this goal, we are always mindful, that you, as the parent or guardian, are your child's first teacher.  This is why we highly value our relationships with our parents!